Supporting the RCHT Charity's Treadmill Challenge

CHBN is proud to be supporting the RCHT Charity's first ever fund raising Treadmill Challenge with Special programmes at 11.00 am-1.00pm on Thursday 16 June and Friday 17 June,

Mike Brown will host the programmes, supported by reporters on the scene Clarissa Jacobs and Peter Dowsett covering the start and finish of the event.

The treadmill trots off at midday on June 16th and will see a crack team of RCHT colleagues pounding it mercilessly for 24 hours by Trelawny entrance at Royal Cornwall Hospital!

RCHT Director of Strategy Thom Lafferty will launch proceedings by sprinting through the first of his 3 separate hours of running.

Thom said ‘I feel so passionate about the work that our charity does, day in, day out. It’s so important and it adds so much value to the care that our patients receive here and it also makes our hospitals a better place for staff to work’.

This is going to be a fantastic challenge, particularly as they run through the night and early hours. We’re so grateful to our wonderful RCHT family for giving up their time to help make a difference to the people of Cornwall across our three hospitals.

This is your golden opportunity to sponsor someone running as you’ve never seen them before! Wigs, pink tutus and all manner of accoutrements will be on display if enough money is pledged. It promises to be quite a special event!

Do support our runners as they support you, the people of Cornwall and visitors to Cornwall. Hope that you never need us but know that if you do we’re here, every second of every minute of every day.
Thomas Lafferty Paul Lidder Anna Dalziel Anola Daniell Sarah Budden Steve Williamson Lynne Lees Adam Wheeldon
Thom Lafferty Director of Strategy
Adam Wheeldon Associate Director of Finance
Steve Williamson Chief Executive Officer
Paul Lidder Consultant Colorectal Surgeon
Sarah Budden Interim Head of Nursing
Anola Daniell Service Manager
Anna Dalziel Head of OH and Wellbeing
Kris Dalziel IT Customer Service Engineer.

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