Become a 10 Today Champion

Did you know just 10 minutes of physical activity a day can benefit your physical and mental health?

Starting in May tune in to CHBN and take part in 10 minutes of activity to keep stretching and moving, every day. It’s great fun to do and it will be good for you too.

We want groups to take part too! We're looking for volunteers to organise a weekly get together for a group of older people to enjoy ten minutes of physical activity. You can play the activity on CHBN or online.

Maisy-Sky is Young ARIAS Nominee

CHBN’s Maisy-Sky Lumbers has been shortlisted in two categories of the 2019 Young ARIAS.

The Songs from the Shows presenter has reached the top 3 shortlist in the BBC Sounds Rising Talent Category and Best Factual Show Category.

The Young ARIAS are the new UK awards for 8 to 18-year olds and schools who love making audio. Winners will be announced in May.