Your Community, Your Station - Needs YOU!

CHBN is based at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro and are always looking for new volunteers to join the dedicated and enthusiastic team.

We are not just looking for presenters - there are many opportunities behind the scenes too. Explore some of the aspects you could get involved with below.

If you feel you have skills which might be useful to us or would like a new challenge, click to request an application pack.

The station is pleased to welcome those who can offer something that will complement the existing programme schedule.

Programmes could be speech based, cover a variety of music, relate to a specific music genre, address a theme or target a section of the audience.

CHBN will allow the presenter the creativity to be able to develop their own programme but provide them the support and guidance necessary to facilitate the best possible broadcasting.

All presenters are encouraged to include a good level of speech content within their programmes, this could include regular features or interviews on a variety of topics.

Full training is provided on the industry standard equipment and software. Training also covers compliance aspects ensuring that every presenter works within relevant legislation.

CHBN are always looking for volunteers who can support a presenter during their programme.

This could involve taking calls from listeners, finding requested songs in the music library, helping line up guests/programme segments and greeting visitors when they arrive at the studio for interview.

Those assisting presenters can also be involved with making information available via the station's website and social media where necessary.

Full training in equipment, software and procedures will be provided.

The station is keen to provide information, advice and support on a range of health, wellbeing and lifestyle topics. Furthermore, a key aspect of output is to let the listeners know what is happening in and around the community.

In order to gather content for programmes, the station welcomes those who would be interested in working in a journalistic role to seek out new interview opportunities or follow up with organisations who have contacted the station.

This aspect can involve researching topics/questions to be covered in interviews, arranging and undertaking interviews either in-person at the studio, over the telephone or at another location.

Once interview material has been recorded, it will need to be edited before broadcast. Additionally, it may be that an interview is to be combined with others to build a complete package ready for broadcast.

Full training will be provided on interviewing, broadcast editing and compliance to ensure that every volunteer is able to make the best possible content for the programmes.

An important part of the station’s activities has always been interacting with the patients staying in the Royal Cornwall, West Cornwall and St Michael's Hospitals.

The station welcomes volunteers who are willing to visit the patients to collect song requests and dedications. These visits can also involve informing the patient about the Hospital Radio service and advising/showing them how they can listen.

For several people in hospital, CHBN volunteers can be the only non-medical individuals that they see during their time in hospital so a friendly face asking for song requests can make a real difference to their stay.

Full training in ward visiting procedures and protocol will be provided.

The station must source all its own funds to cover the running costs each year. There is significant broadcast and licensing expenditure in addition to other aspects such as insurance.

Funding is required to cover music purchases, equipment repairs and maintenance. Furthermore, there are larger cost longer-term projects to upgrade existing equipment and facilities to ensure the station continues to provide a reliable service.

Over recent times the station has raised significant funds to equip and furnish the two studio’s that are in use currently. This would not have been possible without the initiative, enthusiasm and commitment shown by those who helped with fundraising.

CHBN ask that all volunteers assist with fundraising activities each year, however the station is keen to welcome anyone willing to focus on raising funds.

This can include finding and developing new fundraising initiatives, identifying sources of funding, submitting grant applications or selling the station's services to potential supporters.

The station has a diverse music library. Although many songs are available electronically, the station still has a CD collection and extensive Vinyl Record library.

Help is needed keeping the library catalogued correctly, adding new music and importing frequently played songs into the computer system.

Full training in existing software and procedures will be provided.

CHBN is fortunate to have industry-standard equipment and IT facilities comparable to BBC and Commercial radio stations.

The station welcomes individuals with engineering or technical expertise who can work with the existing technical team to diagnose/repair problems with equipment and work to improve the existing facilities.

Furthermore, CHBN is keen to increase the size of the team available providing day-to-day technical support to presenters and other volunteers on the studio equipment and/or the computer systems.

Help is also required at Roadshows/Outside Broadcasts to ensure that equipment is assembled/disassembled correctly and that technically the events run smoothly.

Full training in existing equipment, software and procedures will be provided.

Multiple Presenters
Ward Visting